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Cancer Registrars Training

Traditionally, Cancer Registrars were trained on the job. Today, formal education programs at colleges around the country teach cancer data management.

Cancer Registrars Training

Cancer Registrars Training

Curricula include cancer and its management, medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, biostatistics and epidemiology, cancer data abstracting, database record management, cancer program management, Cancer Registry procedures, among others. In addition to formal college courses, training is available from programs that vary from one to two weeks in duration and provide a intensive training experience in one or more aspects of registry operations. Training courses combined with on-the-job learning remains a viable route for a career in the Cancer Registry profession

Cancer Registrars Job Outlook

The evidenced-based medicine of today recognizes the skills and abilities of the Cancer Registrar. The increase in the number and types of health care facilities, central registries, consulting firms and registry software companies make the demand for qualified Cancer Registrars greater than ever. There is tremendous potential for growth in government agencies, insurance, pharmaceutical and other health care industries as accurate, timely data increasingly impacts cancer control efforts. Cancer Registrars who possess management and administrative skills, knowledge of medical sciences, programming, database management, data retrieval and analysis will find a ready market for those skills.

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