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Careers in Medical Technology

Biomedical Laboratories:
Biomedical Laboratories develop and manufacture immunodiagnostic systems and equipment for physicians, clinical laboratories and hospitals as well as commercial products that strive to improve human performance and combat aging.

Medical Technology Careers

Medical Technology Careers

Examples include; systems that assist in the diagnosis of allergens in the in-vitro environment, infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, malignancies, etc. Medical Technologists in these areas work on teams to create diagnostic systems that are fast, accurate, reliable, and can be performed easily with less hands-on time.

Health Agencies: Medical technologists in public health agencies perform a full range of laboratory tests—from simple pre-marital blood tests, to more complex tests to uncover diseases such as AIDS. Employers in this area are looking for detail oriented, self-sufficient employeeswho can operate complex electronic equipment, computers, and precision. Employees must communicate well, both in writing and speaking. Health agency medical technicians deal with public health issues concerning the detection, diagnosis and treatment of disease.

-Hospitals, clinics and blood banks employ medical technologists to perform on-site testing and address medical issues specific to these environments. Medical technicians are responsible for performing patient diagnostic testing and for assisting in the identification, isolation and abatement of biohazards that affect the working conditions of hospital patients and staff

-Research: Many employers in this area hire medical technologists because they are precise and thorough. They are trouble-shooters who not only report accurate results, but also know when results are incorrect and need to be rechecked. Educational, state and federal governments, as well as private laboratories, are looking for medical technologists to fill many research positions. Medical technologists serve on laboratory teams that research anything from disease control and prevention to product engineering and manufacturing

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