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Emergency Department Trauma Technician (EDT)

Emergency Department Trauma Technician (EDT) assist the physicians and nurses assess the condition of patients who have experienced body injury or are mentally distraught.

Emergency Department Trauma Technician

Emergency Department Trauma Technician

The demands on this position are very dynamic due to rapid changes in medical procedures, technical knowledge, instrumentation, equipment, and policies and procedures. EDT ensures that equipment is working properly, cares for equipment after procedure, and is responsible for reporting equipment that is not working properly or is broken. EDT responsible for transporting telemetry patients as well as receiving report from field emergency medical personnel. Patient Care will include: physical assessments with documentation, BLS, phlebotomy and peripheral intravenous line placement.

Senior Emergency Trauma Technician

Under general supervision, Senior Emergency Trauma Technicians assist with basic emergency care; perform venipuncture for the purpose of obtaining serology specimens; administer certain medications under the orders and supervision of a physician (I.V. therapy is excluded); operate electrocardiographic and other cardiac monitoring devices; immobilize extremities for real or suspected fractures and dislocations; use Hare traction splint; dress wounds; and collect patient data and use proper charting techniques.

Under supervision, Senior Emergency Trauma Technicians assist with basic emergency care. They obtain urine specimens by catheterization; transport and handle patients; apply dressings to minor wounds; assist surgeons with minor surgery; obtain and record vital signs; maintain facilities and equipment under sanitary conditions; make up beds and order supplies; and prepare emergency packs for sterilization.

Senior Emergency Trauma Technician minimum Qualifications

Completion of a basic training program in emergency procedures and two years of related experience as an Emergency-Trauma Technician; and knowledges and abilities essential to the successful performance of the duties assigned to the position.

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