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Histotechnician Certification

Working closely with the pathologist, the Histotechnician processes tissue biopsies removed during surgery. Graduates of the certificate program are eligible to take the National Registry exam for Histotechnician (HT) certification.

Histotechnician Certification

Histotechnician Certification

A_histotechnician who earns a baccalaureate degree and either has one year of experience or attends a NAACLS-accredited histotechnology program can become a histotechnologist. The histotechnologist performs more complex techniques such as enzyme histochemistry, immunohistochemistry and electron microscopy. A histotechnologist can also teach, be a supervisor in a laboratory or be the director of a school for histologic technology.Those who pass the exam for histotechnologist may use the initials, HTL(ASCP), after their name to show they are proficient in their field.

The designation for a certified histotechnician is HT(ASCP).

Certification is valid for three years. To demonstrate competency throughout their careers after their initial certification, histotechnologists and histotechnicians must complete a Certification Maintenance Program every three years.

Today, there are more jobs for histotechnologists and histotechnicians than educated people to fill those jobs. The future long-term employment looks bright. The need is great everywhere throughout the country.

Histotechnicians have a wide range of job opportunities including hospitals, for-profit laboratories, academic and pharmaceutical research, clinics, public health facilities dermatology practices, crime labs, forensics and histology sales. Additional opportunities are available in veterinary pathology and marine biolog.

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