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Hospital Assistants

Hospital Assistants assist professional nursing and technical personnel in the care and treatment of patients in a hospital and/or clinic facility; operate and maintain special equipment and devices; and perform other related duties as required.

Hospital Assistants

Hospital Assistants

Hospital Assistant I

they perform routine duties of a limited variety which normally do not require special skills or training. Work is performed under the close supervision of higher level hospital personnel. Typically at this level, Hospital Assistants weigh and measure patients; collect specimens; transport patients; feed and dress patients; assist in keeping patients and their beds, clothing, equipment, and quarters clean and orderly; assist with post-mortem care, and may assist in the care and maintenance of equipment and supplies.

Hospital Assistant 11

Under supervision, Hospital Assistant 11 perform the duties of a Hospital Assistant I and, in addition, they perform the more difficult and complex tasks, requiring special skills and training which are normally acquired through formal training and/or on-the-job training.

Typically at this level, Hospital Assistant operate specialized equipment such as flouroscopic radiographic machines hydraulic hoist, and circolectric bed; set up specialized equipment such as traction, and suction; reapply Buck’s traction, weights; perform special cast room procedures; assist in cystoscopic procedures; assist in the operating room including setting up special equipment, positioning of equipment, table, and patients for the administering of anestbesia, and for specific surgical procedures; may be in charge of the scrub room, requiring a knowledge of special sterile techniques and surgical asepsis; assist with the care of patients in isolation; measure gastric suction; prepare and start formula feeding on alert patients via naso-gastric tubes; assist in physical therapy by preparing lamps, short wave machines, Hubbard tank, whirlpool, packs, baths, and other apparatus and equipment for individual treatment.

Hospital Assistant II Minimum Qualifications

One year of experience as a Hospital Assistant or successful completion of a formal nursing aid training program; or an equivalent combination of training and experience.

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