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Medical Dosimetrists

Recent development in the technology that is used to treat cancer patients has resulted in the Dosimetrist using specialized skills for treatment planning through the use of computer software.

Medical Dosimetrists

Medical Dosimetrists

The Dosimetrist is responsible for performing a variety of technical procedures relating to Radiology patient treatments. These include, but are not limited to: dose calculations, treatment planning, simulation supervision, treatment device construction and patient/machine troubleshooting.

Medical dosimetrists, in collaboration with radiation oncologists and medical physicists, generate radiation dose distributions and dose calculations to design radiation treatment plans that will deliver a prescribed dose of radiation to a defined anatomic area.

The dosimetrist carries out calculations for the accurate delivery of the Radiation Oncologist’s prescribed dose, documents pertinent information in the patient record, and will verify the mathematical accuracy of all calculations using a system established by the Medical Physicist. Medical dosimetrists apply knowledge of anatomy and physiology, oncologic pathology, radiation biology, radiation oncology techniques, treatment planning and dosimetry procedures, and computer computation in the performance of their duties.

Medical dosimetrists are employed in health care facilities, including hospitals and cancer centers. Approximate salary: $65,676 – $80,866

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