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Nuclear Medicine Technologists Salary

What is the salary for someone in this profession? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, median annual earnings for Nuclear Medicine Technologists were $56,450, with the highest 10 percent earning more than $80,300. Median annual earnings of Nuclear Medicine Technologists were $54,920 in general medical and surgical hospitals.

Nuclear Medicine Technologists Salary

Nuclear Medicine Technologists Salary

Where do Nuclear Medicine Technologists work?

Nuclear medicine professionals held about 18,000 jobs. About 7 out of 10 of these positions were in hospitals. Most of the rest of these positions were in physicians’ offices or in medical and diagnostic laboratories, including diagnostic imaging centers.

What is Nuclear Medicine?

Nuclear medicine is a scientific and clinical discipline involving the diagnostic and therapeutic use of radionuclides. Simply put, Nuclear Medicine Technologists help treat disease and image the body. Nuclear medicine differs from other diagnostic imaging technologies because it determines the presence of disease on the basis of biological changes rather than changes in organ structure.

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