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Nurse Residency Programs-New Graduate/Re-entry Program

Nurse Residency programs are designed to support the transition from students to professional and competent nurses. New Graduate/Re-entry Program typically includes a formal education and training program for recent graduates of nursing programs who have not previously worked as a licensed Registered Nurse.

Nurse Residency Programs-New Graduate/Re-entry Program

Nurse Residency Programs-New Graduate/Re-entry Program

The program generally consists of classroom (didactic) educational presentations, initial follow-up competency validation and development plans, clinical rotation under the supervision of a qualified preceptor, and ongoing meetings with the clinical educator, preceptor and others to assure progression and advancement on the continuum from novice to competent performance.

Nurse Residency programs

  • Prepare the new graduate to provide quality patient care
  • Prepare the experienced nurse for re-entry into the profession
  • Develop clinical competence
  • Reduce anxiety associated with being a novice in the nursing profession
  • Facilitate assimilation to healthcare environment through support systems

Don’t limit yourself to only those hospitals that use the word “residency.” Many hospitals have programs that are basically the same thing but use words like “internship,” and “New Graduate/Re-entry Program.” Find hospitals that appeal to you. Then investigate their orientation program to see if it is right for you – regardless of what they call it.

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