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Nutrition Assistant (NA) FAQ

Are there residents who the nutrition assistant cannot assist with eating?

-Nutrition assistants cannot help residents with eating if the resident has complicated feeding problems, such as difficulty swallowing, recurrent lung aspirations, and tube, parenteral or intravenous feedings.

Paid Nutrition Assistant FAQ

Paid Nutrition Assistant FAQ

The_supervising nurse may make the day-to-day decision as to the appropriateness of the nutrition assistant assisting a resident to eat.

If I am currently employed at an adult care home as a dietary aide, can I take the nutrition assistant course and begin assisting residents with eating?

-The decision whether to train non-health care personnel as nutrition assistants is left to the discretion of the facility administrator. Existing staff may be particularly effective as nutrition assistants since they are already trained in facility policies and are usually well acquainted with the residents. Clerical, dietary, laundry, activities and housekeeping staff as well as the administrative/managerial staff also could be trained as nutrition assistants.

Does an individual need to repeat the course each time he/she works for a new facility?

-The state does not require that the course be repeated each time a nutrition assistant works for a new facility. The facility may choose to ask someone to retake the course.

Will I need to take continuing education credits to keep my nutrition assistant certificate?

-No, continuing education is not required at this time. The supervising nurse will be responsible for additional training needed to assist a resident with eating.

Who is allowed to teach the course?

-The instructor must be a registered nurse who has a minimum of two years of nursing experience, at least one year of which is in the provision of long-term care facility services and has completed a course in teaching adults or has experience in teaching adults or supervising nurse aides.

Does the facility need to document that a nutrition assistant has successfully completed the course?

-Yes. The facility must document that a nutrition assistant has successfully completed the state-approved course. The facility may ask the nutrition assistant to provide a copy of the course completion certificate or verify completion with the sponsor of the course.

Will the nutrition assistant be able to assist residents with eating in their rooms or only in the dining room?

-Nothing in the federal or state regulations prohibits nutrition assistants from assisting residents in their rooms.

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