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Orthopedic Technicians

Orthopedic Technicians assist physicians and professional nursing personnel in the care and treatment of patients with orthopedic needs in a hospital and/or clinic facility; maintain the cast room and orthopedic equipment and devices; assist with the application and removal of plaster casts; and perform other related duties as required.

Orthopedic Technicians

Orthopedic Technicians

Orthopedic Technician

Orthopedic Technician Duties:

-order supplies and maintain orthopedic instruments and equipment;
-prepare patients for application of orthopedic devices; remove plasters; dispense, apply, and adjust traction apparatus according to orthopedists’ orders;
– assist patients in walkers and on crutches; instruct patients in simple exercises;
-set up equipment for skeletal traction;
– check and adjust braces for function, comfort and fit; demonstrate crutch walking gaits, cane walking, and weight bearing of fractures on casts; measure to prevent excessive swelling on new fractures;
-initiate charge documents; and keep records and charts.

Principal Orthopedic Technician

Under direction, Principal Orthopedic Technician supervise lower level Orthopedic Technicians and coordinate all technical and clerical work related to the performance of orthopedic functions. They make assignments; review the work of lower level Orthopedic Technicians; and train and/or direct technicians in the performance of new orthopedic procedures. They order supplies and evaluate new products and devices for possible future use; prepare budget estimates and monitor expenses; and are assigned responsibility for the maintenance and operation of orthopedic equipment and devices.

Senior Orthopedic Technician

Under general supervision, Senior Orthopedic Technician perform advanced duties on a regular basis by working with the more difficult cases requiring more thorough experience and education and exercise of more independent judgment. These advanced duties are typically performed in operating rooms during surgery.

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