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Paid Nutrition Assistant Training

The content includes roles and responsibilities of a nutrition assistant, working as a member of a team, creating a home environment in the facility, resident rights, residents with special needs, a safe dining experience (infection control, food safety, emergencies), fundamentals of good nutrition and documentation.

Paid Nutrition Assistant Training

Paid Nutrition Assistant Training



Nutrition assistant course is designed to train you in the skills required to meet patient mealtime needs, whether they need partial or full assistance. The focus is on preparing you to work in long-term care or rehabilitation health care settings, although other health care settings will also be discussed. Although relatively short, these skills are needed to ensure the proper nutrition and overall health and well being of patients. Many long-term care and rehabilitation facilities are now hiring nutrition assistants in response to a new federal rule which allows for these valuable employees.

To successfully complete the Paid Nutrition Assistant training, the student must pass the following competency test.

1. Demonstrate effective hand washing techniques following all rules of asepsis including washing hands prior to assisting residents with eating.

2. Properly remove and dispose of gloves. Gloves should be worn minimally when assisting residents with eating.

3. Demonstrate techniques used to assist resident with eating. Identify safety measures, encouraging independence and how to promote fluid intake.

4. Simulate the abdominal thrust (Heimlich maneuver) technique.

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