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Perfusionists Salary

In June 2010 there were only about four thousand perfusionists employed throughout the United States. Starting salaries for perfusionists are about $60,000-75,000 per year and that earnings for those with 10 years of experience range from $85,000 to $110,000 per year.

Perfusionists Salary

Perfusionists Salary

However, apart from your education, the salary also depends on several other factors. It depends on the state you are working in, and the amount of experience you have to back you up. Those who work in a management role, such as the Director of Clinical Perfusion of a hospital, could earn over $100,000.
After at least one year on the job, chief perfusionists are reporting earning median incomes of $77,256 annually. Those on the job for at least five years are earning about $90,900 and after 10 years, chief perfusionists are reporting earning $103,338 a year. After 20 years on the job, professionals report median annual wages of $114,973.

Popular Industries Salary Range

-Healthcare $89,800 – $115,660
-Cardiothoracic Surgery $90,338 – $116,599
-Hospital $90,324 – $116,570
-Medical Services $90,062 – $117,002Acute Care Hospital -$92,305 – $117,997

The school at which you receive your training may be able to help you obtain employment. You can also apply directly to hospitals, finding information about openings from newspapers and the Internet.
Perfusionists usually receive a standard benefits package that includes paid vacation and holidays, insurance, and 401(k) plan options.

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