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Psychiatric Technicians

A Psychiatric Technician is a licensed member of the professional services team working with people who are emotionally and/or developmentally disabled.

Psychiatric Technicians

Psychiatric Technician

Employed by private and state hospitals and many community facilities, Psychiatric Technicians will also find a variety of jobs available in the fields of correction and human services. These include day care centers, substance abuse programs, special education and many other areas promoting mental health. There are career advancement opportunities available in the areas of counseling, education, nursing, and vendorization of services.

Psychiatric technicians provide basic nursing care, administer medications (under supervision if they are not licensed), help with personal hygiene, monitor patients’ physical and emotional well-being, and report to supervising medical staff.

Who Becomes a Psychiatric Technician?

•Persons interested in becoming health care and/or human service professionals.
•Persons interested in helping people with emotional, psychiatric, and/or developmental disabilities.
•Persons interested in career-ladder mobility to Registered Nursing, Special Education, Clinical and Forensic Psychology, or Social Work.
•Persons seeking experience in the clinical field and financial support to further their education.

Where Are Psychiatric Technicians Employed?
•Psychiatric Hospitals & Facilities
•Mental Health Day Care Programs
•Mental Health Crisis Centers
•Residential Treatment Programs
•Department of Corrections
•County Mental Health Programs
•Substance Abuse Programs
•Public Health Services
•Independent Living Skills Agencies
•Special Education Programs
•Vendors of Specialized Services
•Developmental Centers
•Transition Services & Job Coaches

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