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Vocational Nurse Long-Term Care Certification

Vocational Nurse Long-Term Care Certification certainly covers nursing care in geriatrics and has a broad appeal for excellence in nursing care for all age groups with chronic illnesses. The LPN, CLTC, designation confirms to employer that you engage in national skill-building.

Vocational Nurse Long-Term Care Certification

LPN Long-Term Care Certification

Most long-term care is provided to elderly patients, but there is a small percentage that ranges from child to adult.  To become certified in long-term care, the LPN/LVN must have the following qualifications.

1. Currently hold and active LPN/LVN license
2. Documents 2000 hours of long-term care practice within the previous three years, AND
3. Take and pass the certification Examination for Licensed Practical/ Vocational nurses in Long-Term care

Once LVN / LPN have successfully completed the certification examination, they receive a certificate and pin and may use the extended title CLTC, after their title LPN / LVN.

NAPNES requires re-certification every five years. NAPNES sends one re-certification notice approximately six to nine months prior to expiration of the certification card to the address on file. It is the responsibility of the LP/VN to notify NAPNES of change of name or address during the certification period. Re-certification packets are sent with the notice.

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