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You Know You are Nursing Student If

-You open the refrigerator door and notice that the already opened milk jug has been dated and timed and has your initials on it.
-You keep the sterile field even when you cook dinner.

You Know You are Nursing Student If

Nursing Students

-You have used restraints…and it was not a sexual experience.
-Your family has filed missing person reports on you during finals week.
-You shake a person’s hand and you find yourself feeling for a vein to decide which size IV catheter you would use.
-You discuss the consistency of your patients’ poop on your lunch break..and thats not weird to you.
-Your normal friends all graduated in business or mass comm.
-You’ve canceled your gym membership once you realized your Pediatrics book can double as a 10 lb weight.
-You are determined to figure out how to administer caffeine through an IV line before finals week.
-You know that the correct answer is not on the test and you will argue to the death for those 2 points

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