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Certified Addictions Registered Nurse (CARN)

Certified Addictions Registered Nurses (CARNs) are committed to the prevention, intervention, treatment, and management of substance abuse, misuse, and addictive disorders including: alcohol and other drug dependencies, nicotine dependencies, eating disorders, co-occurring disorders, impulse-control disorders, such as gambling and sex.

Certified Addictions Registered Nurse

Certified Addictions Registered Nurse

You_have the opportunity to become a Certified Addictions Registered Nurse (CARN) or Certified Addictions Registered Nurse – Advanced Practice (CARN-AP). These examinations, implemented by the Addictions Nursing Certification Board, are designed to determine and recognize the ability to apply knowledge from nursing and related disciplines to the care of persons with problems resulting from patterns of abuse, dependence, and all aspects of addictions.

The applicant for the CARN-AP must be a RN who holds the masters’ degree or higher degree with documented clinical practice hours at the advanced practice level.

Addictions Registered Nurses Median Salary by Years Experienc

10-19 years–$64,938
20 years or more $68,000

Certified Addictions Registered Nurses Median Salary by Employer Type
Non-Profit Organization-$71,000
Government – State & Local–$51,000

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