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Army Animal Care Specialist| Military Medical Jobs

Army animal care specialists take care of Government-owned patrol dogs, ceremonial horses, sled dogs, sea mammals, and animals used in research. Army animal care specialist supervises or provides the care, treatment, and sanitary conditions for animals.

Army Animal Care Specialist

Army Animal Care Specialist

Army animal care specialist duties:

• Provide routine daily care for animals in veterinary treatment
• Position and restrain animals for examination and treatment
• Calculate doses and administers oral and topical medications as directed by the veterinarian
• Obtain medical history from owners and/or handlers and measures and records animal vital signs
• Perform physical examinations to detect obvious abnormalities and reports findings to veterinarian
• Maintain sanitary conditions for all components of the veterinary treatment facilities to include operating room and equipment
• Assist veterinarian in surgical procedures and perform euthanasia when instructed by veterinarian

Job training for an Animal Care Specialist requires nine weeks of basic training, where you’ll learn basic soldiering skills, and 11 weeks of advanced individual training, including practice in animal care.
The skills you learn as an Animal Care Specialist will help prepare you for a future as a civilian veterinary aide or assistant at a veterinary hospital. With continued study and experience, you may qualify for certification as an Assistant Laboratory Animal Technician.

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