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Assistant Laboratory Animal Technician / ALAT

Laboratory animal care workers take care of animals that are used in scientific research. Laboratory animal care workers include assistant laboratory animal technicians, laboratory animal technicians, and laboratory animal technologists.

Assistant Laboratory Animal Technician

Assistant Laboratory Animal Technician

The biomedical research facility is one of the primary settings in which Assistant Laboratory Animal Technicians works. Some also find job opportunities in medical schools, drug companies, research centers, universities, or animal hospitals, wildlife medicine, the military.

Assistant Laboratory Animal Technician duties:

-administering medications to lab animals orally or topically
-handle ordering supplies and instruments
-assist medical personnel during animal surgery
-provide routine preoperative and postoperative care
-perform standardized laboratory tests on animal specimens
-other surgical duties can include catheterizing, starting intravenous injections and administering anesthesia and drugs.

Laboratory animal care workers usually work forty hours a week. Sometimes they must work nights and weekends.

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