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Dispensing Opticians

Dispensing opticians are health professionals who analyzes and interprets prescriptions written by either an ophthalmologist or an optometrist in order to design eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Dispensing Opticians

Dispensing Opticians

Ophthalmic dispensers (optician) practice their profession in a variety of professional settings such as retail optical stores, private ophthalmology and optometry offices, hospital clinics and wholesale optical companies. Ophthalmic Dispensers (Optician) are in great demand. Recent U.S. government statistics indicate that as baby boomers reach middle age and the percentage of middle-aged and elderly people increases, so will these individuals need for corrective eyewear.

A licensed optician can specialize in many aspects of vision care, such as: Vision Care Technologist, Contact Lens Practitioner, Laboratory Fabrication Optician, Optical Industry Business Professional, Luxury Eyewear and Sun Wear Dispensing, Targeted (Niche) Market Dispensing Optician

Registered Spectacle Lens Dispensers (RSLDs)
RSLDs use their knowledge of optics and mathematics to fill prescriptions written by doctors and determine the eyeglass frame and lens combination that best fits the customer’s vision needs. They help select the right material and lens design to fit the customer’s life style and facial measurements, and then prepare a work order for the laboratory.

When the finished glasses are returned from the laboratory, RSLDs use optical tools and gauges to make sure that the glasses match the work order. Opticians adjust glasses to fit their customers comfortably. Some Dispensing Opticians also grind and polish the lenses and mount them into frames.

Registered Contact Lens Dispensers (RCLDs)

RCLDs fit contact lenses by measuring the shape and size of the eye. They select the type of contact lens material and train the wearer to insert and remove the lenses and clean and maintain them properly. Opticians use various instruments to help select and fit contact lenses for their customers.

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