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Nurse Aides Hand Washing Skill Checklist

Your handwashing technique is evaluated at the beginning of the test. This skill is not prompted, which means you will not be told to wash your hands. Nurse aides are expected to know to wash their hands before and after physical contact (touching) with the resident.

Nurse Aides Hand Washing Skill

CNA Hand Washing Skill

Demonstrating when handwashing is necessary is evaluated as a part of Indirect Care— Standard Precautions.

Hand Washing Skill Checklist:

Does the candidate:
1 Wet hands and apply soap?
2 Work up lather cleansing front and back of hands and wrists, between fingers, around cuticles and under nails?
3 Provide cleansing friction for a minimum of 15 seconds?
4 Remove soap, rinsing while holding fingers lower than wrists?
5 Dry hands with paper towel and limit contact of towel to cleansed skin surfaces?
6 Turn off water with paper towel and dispose of towel?
7 Complete task without contaminating hands, such as against sink?

CNA Skill Hand Washing Video

CNA skills video

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