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Pathologists’ Assistants

Pathologists’ assistants function as assistants to anatomic pathologists by participating in the examination, dissection and processing of tissue samples removed at surgery, and by participating in gross autopsy dissection.

Pathologists' Assistants

Pathologists' Assistants

Pathologists’ assistants are employed in a variety of settings, including community and regional hospitals, university medical centers, private pathology laboratories, and medical examiners/coroners’ offices.

Pathologists’ assistants entry-level salaries begin at $75,000- $85,000; upper ranges of salary are $85,000 to more than $100,000.

Surgical pathology. Pathologists’ assistants duties:

-Assisting in the preparation and performance of surgical specimen dissection by ensuring appropriate specimen accessioning,
-obtaining pertinent clinical information and studies,
-describing gross anatomic features,
-dissecting surgical specimens,
-preparing and submitting tissue for histologic processing,
-obtaining and submitting specimens for additional analytic procedures (immunostaining, flow cytometry, image analysis, bacterial and viral cultures, toxicology, etc), and assisting in photographing gross and microscopic specimens.

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