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Public Health Educators

The work of public health educators (PHEs) is to change policies and environmentsas well as attitudes and behavior that affect health, and to operate in close association with community groups.

Public Health Educators

Public Health Educators

Public health educators work in a variety of settings with an array of agencies, businesses, and schools to develop and deliver educational programs. For example, a PHE might counsel factory workers about protecting themselves from pollution in the workplace, teach teenagers about how to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, or partner with families of patients who are recovering from heart attacks.

Public Health Educators Duties:

-plan and direct programs
-design workshops and forums
-work with community groups, and serve a broad public health agenda.
-conduct studies of public health education needs, evaluate the materials and methods used in programs, determine program effectiveness, and try to improve the general health in communities
-work with people and organizations addressing health-related issues such as pollution, drug abuse, nutrition, safety and stress management.
-write health education materials such as fact sheets, pamphlets and brochures

Health education is important in preventing chronic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Learning more about diet, exercise, tobacco use and other lifestyle choices, and modifying behavior accordingly, can help to prevent, control and treat these diseases and reduce the risk of complications.

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