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Trauma Nurse

A trauma nurse is a registered nurse who specializes in emergency care and is trained to provide care to patients that are in life-or-death situation. Trauma nurses work in fast-paced and stressful environments.

Trauma Nurses

Trauma Nurses

Trauma nurses work must be well trained to supply advanced levels of care for a variety of medical issues. They work in emergency rooms and critical care units

Trauma Nurse’s Job Duties: They provide an initial assessment, stabilization and care to critical patients. Some trauma nurses also work as transport nurses in medical helicopters, airplanes and ambulances and assist in moving critical patients from disaster locations to hospitals.

Those interested in becoming a trauma nurse must earn either a basic diploma for registered nurses, an associate degree in nursing or a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. Many trauma nurses also gain formal certifications such as the Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN) from the Board of Certification of Emergency Nursing. Trauma nurses must complete regular continuing education to maintain their licenses and certifications. Trauma nurses may obtain additional certifications in areas like injury prevention.

Job prospects are expected to be excellent especially for trauma nurses with extensive experience. The average salary of a trauma nurse stands at about $60,000 a year, although the salary does vary widely from city to city and from hospital to hospital.

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