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Acupuncturist is a non-traditional health care provider, a homeopathic healer, who uses acupuncture techniques that originated from medical traditions of asian countries. Acupuncturist provides specialized treatments for relieving almost all types of pains and other health problems by combining acupuncture techniques with traditional herbs and remedies.



Acupuncture is used to promote natural healing of the body and improve bodily functions.

Acupuncturists can find work in places such as hospitals, medical clinics, universities, research institutes, public health services, rehabilitation facilities, and long care facilities. In most states, licensed acupuncturists may operate a private practice independently, while some states require that an acupuncturist work in a subservient relationship with an MD. Other career options include teaching, translating, publishing, working with herbs, or at an acupuncture supply company.

The location of the acupuncture practice has a significant impact on how much acupuncturists can charge for services. Salaries may range from $20,000 to $180,000 annually.

Acupuncturist Salary by State:

California: $20,000 – $49,132
New York: $25,000 – $50,000
Florida: 18,867 – $50,868
New Mexico: $47,166 – $183,126

Acupuncturists education:

The standards for acupuncturists vary by state. In some states, a successful candidate must be a doctor of medicine or a chiropractor, but  other states offer acupuncture certification as a master’s degree. A candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in physiology, anatomy or other medical related fields and must have a master’s degree of acupuncture at any accredited post-graduate schools. As more and more people look to alternatives for traditional medicine, the need for acupuncture will continue to grow.

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