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Bioethicists resolve ethical dilemmas in medicine and science and assists the health care in examining moral issues involved in our understanding of life and death.



Bioethicists study ethical problems arising from biological research and its applications in such fields as Abortion, Artificial life, Euthanasia, Gene therapy, Life extension, Assisted suicide (Do we want doctors to be involved in the ending of a life? What if the law is abused), Fertility treatment (Is it a human right to have children?), Human cloning (Should we consider cloning as another reproductive technology?), Life support, Lobotomy, Organ donation, Organ transplant, Sex reassignment therapy, Sperm and eggs donatio), Surrogacy, Vaccination controversy.

Career opportunities related to bioethics: Academic bioethics, Research ethics, Clinical Ethics, Bioethics-related legal practice, Bioethics consulting in a hospital setting.

Entry into the field of bioethics can be successfully accomplished through one of the contributing traditional disciplines that jointly constitute this field. The integration of bioethics into existing career paths examples: nurse-bioethicist, cell biologist-bioethicist, hospital administrator-bioethicist. Recently, some universities have begun to offer programs concentrating specifically on bioethics

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