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Biostatisticians are experts in analyzing medical, scientific and public health data. Biomedical statisticians use mathematical methods to analyze data and discover new insights into human health.



Biomedical and public health research is an enormous enterprise in the US, involving billions of dollars funded mostly by the federal government and the pharmaceutical industry. Biostatistics-a branch of biology that studies biological phenomena and observations by means of statistical analysis.

Biostatisticians work in universities and colleges, pharmaceutical companies, federal, state and local government agencies, research firms, consulting firms, hospitals, professional organizations, international health agencies. They can work alone or as part of a larger group with other biostatisticians and related professionals.

Biostatisticians design research studies and analyze data related to human health, animals or plants:

-analyze genetic data, disease occurrence, and medical imaging data
-design and analyze research studies to measure a treatment’s effectiveness
-develop clinical trials to assess drug treatments
-collect and analyze numerical data to determine how various factors affect human health
-analyze data of populations exposed to environmental chemicals and conditions to understand their risks and effects
-develop conclusions and recommendations based on statistical information

Biostatisticians education:

An entry level biostatistician will need to have a minimum level of education of a Bachelors of Science or Mathematics with a focus on biostatistics, statistics or mathematics.

Start out on the path to become a biostatistician by obtaining your 4-year college degree, preferably in Science or Mathematics. Students interested in becoming a biostatistician should have a strong interest and background in math and science, as well as English. In addition a strong background in life sciences or other related field is often required.

Biostatistician Salary by Employer Type:

Company: $74,103 – $112,546
College / University: $52,517 – $77,404
Hospital: $59,205 – $86,880
Non-Profit Organization : $57,808 – $81,446
Contract: $81,389 – $107,021
Private Practice/Firm: $71,216 – $106,725
Government – State & Local: $49,997 – $60,000
Other Organization: $49,000 – $135,450
Foundation / Trust: $50,495 – $72,851
School / School District: $52,903 – $70,750
Government – Federal: $47,642 – $81,389

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