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Healthcare Executives-Healthcare Administrators

Healthcare executives, also called healthcare administrators, manage today’s hospital and healthcare organizations. Healthcare Executives include specialists and generalists:Specialists are in charge of specific medical departments or services, Generalists manage or help to manage an entire healthcare organization or system.

Healthcare Executives

Healthcare Executives

Positions for healthcare executives may be found in a variety of settings, such as: hospitals, physician practices, public health departments, mental health organizations, rehabilitation centers, universities and research institutions, and nursing homes.

A baccalaureate education in health services management is enough for some entry level positions, a few top positions in smaller organizations, and for some middle-management jobs in larger organizations. Your first job in healthcare management might be an entry-to mid-level management position in a specialized area, such as: medical staff relations, material management, nursing administration and patient care services. Graduates from healthcare management programs with little or no experience can expect to earn a salary ranging from $30k to the high $40k after graduation. Experienced graduates can expect to earn higher salaries.

A master’s degree is required for almost every position in healthcare management. After obtaining enough experience, healthcare executives can assume leadership positions ranging from vice president to CEO. Salaries at this level are typically in excess of $100k.
Head of nursing $154,100
Top patient care executive $158,000
Top hospital human resources executive $135,100
Chief medical officer $263,900
Chief financial officer $178,500
Chief operating officer $235,200
Chief executive officer $262,200
Head of professional services $151,100
Head of corporate development $205,200

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