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Healthcare training opportunities in the U.S. Armed Forces

Navy Nurses, Army Nurses, Operating Room Specialist| Military Medical Jobs, Army Animal Care Specialist
The military trains people for numerous healthcare occupations that have civilian counterparts, such as nurses and paramedics.

Healthcare Molitary Training

Healthcare Molitary Training

Healthcare practitioners and technicians of all types receive training in the military. Some do laboratory tests or provide dental care, for example, and others assist physical therapists or work as x-ray or other types of technicians. Still others perform tasks similar to those of paramedics and give medical care in emergencies and in the absence of doctors. Many healthcare workers learn more than one occupation. All are either partially or fully trained for civilian healthcare jobs.

If you join the military, you’ll spend at least some time in a classroom. The subjects you take will depend on your occupational specialty. For example Pharmacy technicians are taught biology, chemistry, and the names and uses of medications.
This classroom instruction, plus on-the-job training, qualifies you for licenses, certifications, and college credit—all of which will be useful when you return to the civilian world as a jobseeker. Service members in healthcare occupations often earn licenses required in civilian jobs, although they might need additional training

Other education benefits for active-duty service ¬members include tuition assistance, scholarships, loans, and grants for vocational and college training during or after service. In addition, each military branch offers its own education benefits for career

Navy Nurses
Army Nurses

Operating Room Specialist| Military Medical Jobs

Army Animal Care Specialist

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