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Hypnotherapy vs. Psychotherapy vs Hypnosis

Psychotherapy does not usually focus on a single problem and is about exploring feelings. Psychotherapy does not start with a concept of how many sessions will be required, and places no limits on the number of sessions needed.

Hypnotherapy vs Psychotherapy

Hypnotherapy vs Psychotherapy

Hypnotherapists tend to work in a limited number of sessions –usually less than half a dozen – unless additional problem issues arise. Hypnotherapy is simply a method of putting your trance state to work solving your problems. However, the techniques of psychotherapy are sometimes used by hypnotherapists who particularly need to go into past personal history issues. Saying that, most hypnotherapists are very here-and-now orientated and unlike psychotherapists, don’t generally spend time talking about your childhood. However, this depends on the problem being brought to the hypnotherapist.

Hypnotherapy vs Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a state of consciousness.
Hypnosis itself is not therapy. The therapy part of a hypnotherapy session occurs after hypnosis has been used to induce your trance. Then the hypnotherapist makes suggestions that help your unconscious mind achieve your goals or remove your problems.


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