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Medicinal Chemists

Medicinal chemists research new drugs, and create new chemical compounds to fight disease. Medicinal chemists work for pharmaceutical companies or biotechnology firms.

Medicinal Chemists

Medicinal Chemists

They work with a team of scientists from different disciplines, including biologists, toxicologists, pharmacologists, theoretical chemists, microbiologists, and biopharmacists.

Medicinal chemists duties:

-synthesize and test new drug products
-develop the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly means of production
-analyze and interpret results
-prepare technical reports and quantitative analysis.

Medicinal chemists education:

A bachelor’s degree in chemistry may suffice for an entry-level position, but to advance a master’s degree in chemistry is needed. Graduates with a master’s degree, and particularly those with a Ph.D., will enjoy better opportunities at larger pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms. Most chemists in traditional research careers have Ph.D.s, whereas those with B.S. degrees generally serve as research technicians.

Medicinal Chemist Salary by Industry:

-Pharmaceuticals: $71,088-$112,402
-Pharmaceutical Research: $55,676-$100,00
-Drugs / Pharmaceuticals, Wholesale: $35,000-82,500

The starting salary for a B.S. chemist ranges from the high $30,000- to the high $40,000-per-year range. Master’s degree holders earn salaries in the high-$40,000 to mid-$50,000-peryear range. The salary for Ph.D. chemists ranges from mid- to high-$60,000 to mid-$90,000-per-year.

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