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Microbiology Technologists

Microbiology Technologists examine and identify bacteria and other microorganisms and play a crucial role in the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of disease.

Microbiology Technologists

Microbiology Technologists

Microbiology Technologists work for governments, hospitals, medical centers, laboratories and blood banks, research institutions and universities, pharmaceutical companies, food and beverage companies, biotechnology firms, and private development laboratories.

Microbiology Technologists Duties:

-test samples of biological materials, such as body fluids
-prepare slides for examination
-grow cell cultures
-performs various bacteriological, mycological, virological, and parasitological tests
-look for disease organisms, analyze the results and relay them to physicians
-set up, adjust, clean, and maintain lab equipment

The median annual microbiology technologists salary: $53,572.

Microbiology Technologists Work Conditions:

Microbiology Technologists are exposed to hazardous conditions daily, so they wear safety gear, such as latex gloves and surgical masks, to protect themselves. Most work full time, about 40 hours per week. May work nights, weekends, or holidays. Hospitals need tests run at all hours of the day.

Microbiology Technologists Education:

To work as a medical laboratory technologist, you must:
• have a high school diploma;
• have a bachelor’s degree in medical technology or a college technology degree in microbiological sciences.
• In addition, many states may require you to become certified by the American Society of Clinical Pathology or the American Medical Technologists Association before you can apply for a laboratory research position.

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    I want a job in canada in the field of Microbiology Technician.

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