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Nursing Career Options

Nurse Anesthetists: CRNAs are among the highest paid nursing specialists. Their salaries ranging from $109,000 to $129,000
Home Health Care Nurses: Home_healthy nurses are often assigned to patients after the patient are discharged from a hospital.

Nursing Career Options

Nursing Career Options

Public Health Nurses:Nurses in this field often work for a state funded or federally funded agency, or a private health provides company.
Nurses Midwives:hey help women deliver their babies and teach new mothers how to care for their infants.
Psychiatric Nurses: patients who may have a broad spectrum of mentally and emotionally related medical needs.
Mobile Intensive Care Nurse: medical care for the sick and injured at the scene and during transport to a health care facility.
Parish Nurse: a professional nurse who is called and committed to the healing ministry of the church.
Triage Nurses: the most important members of the emergency department because they determine medical priorities.
Oncology Nurses: specialize in the treatment and care of cancer patients.
Nurse Navigators: a nurse navigator is someone who can explain treatments, lab tests, make appointment arrangements and tell you what you can expect before a surgery.
Nurse Paralegal:Nurse paralegals can draft pleadings, conduct research and help an attorney understand many medical issues.
Trauma Nurse: specializes in emergency care and is trained to provide care to patients that are in life-or-death situation.
Urology Nurse: specializes in caring for patients with urinary tract problems
Transplant Nurses: are specially trained to provide nursing care and support for patients before, during and after they receive an organ transplant.
Bariatric Nurse: works with obesity patients before and after obesity surgery.
Addictions Nurse: committed to the prevention, intervention, treatment, and management of substance abuse, misuse, and addictive disorders
AIDS Certified Nurse: this certification provided to those nurses who have the capability to handle the patients suffering from critical disease of AIDS.
Nurse Interim Permittee: works under supervision of a Registered Nurse.
Prison Nurse : it is a challenging and rewarding part of the nursing profession.

Perinatal Nurse

Genetic Nurse
Holistic Nurse
Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurse
Pediatric Nurse
Registered Nurse Program Cost
Peer Mentoring Program for Nursing Students
Medical Careers Fast Track Pathways
Cruise Ship Nurses

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