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Perinatal Nurses

Perinatal nurses provide health care services to women during pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period. They comfort, educate, and treat pregnant women.

Perinatal Nurses

Perinatal Nurses

Perinatal nurse practitioners (NPs) and perinatal clinical nurse specialists (CNSs Duties:

-prepare patients for diagnostic tests
– guide them through labor
-conducts physical examinations at scheduled interviews during a patient’s pregnancy
-address the physical and emotional issues that may arise before and after a child is born
-provide expert assistance to physicians to preserve the well-being of babies and mothers
-attend actual deliveries to comfort mothers and assist obstetricians.
– educate families after babies are born

Perinatal nurses work in many different health-care settings, including obstetrics wings of hospitals, birth centers, and public health clinics. Most nurses choose to work at general hospitals and birth centers, though some professionals join private practices.

Perinatal nurses practitioners and CNSs must hold a Master’s Degree in Nursing (MSN) and a post-master’s certificate in their specialty. Passing that certification exam can translate into greater career opportunities and increased salary potential. After meeting educational requirements, new nurses often begin their careers as assistants to established perinatal professionals who provide guidance and practical training. Perinatal CNSs and perinatal nurse practitioners may practice independently, or work for a health care facility.

Perinatal clinical nurse specialists earn a median annual salary of $80,645. The median salary for nurse practitioners is $82,790.

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