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Pharmaceutical Salesperson Career-Drug Rep Job

A Pharmaceutical Salesperson or Drug Rep promotes and sells the latest medicines, provides information about drugs and hands out samples to to physicians, hospital nurses, and medical technicians.

Pharmaceutical Salesperson

Pharmaceutical Salesperson

Pharmaceutical salespeople visit doctors’ offices, clinics and hospitals and educate doctors about new drugs and advances in the pharmaceutical field. Sometimes, a drug rep will give a presentation to a group of health care workers, explaining a drug’s features, indication, side effects, and benefits. They describe their company’s newest products, outline what a drug is designed to do and how it works, and explain its advantages over older drugs.

Pharmaceutical Salesperson education:

A bachelor’s degree is recommended for an entry-level position. Most pharmaceutical companies prefer a college degree preferably in science or a related field. Drug companies provide on-the-job training, selecting trainees on the basis of their verbal and social skills. Good interpersonal skills and the ability to educate are important traits for a pharmaceutical salesperson.

Pharmaceutical sales representatives median salary: $60,138 per year

Drug Rep receives health insurance and paid vacations and holidays, free cars and some travel expenses. The job outlook for pharmaceutical sales representatives is good. Some companies are expanding rapidly and will need to hire additional representatives.

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