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21 Important Questions to Ask During the Tours of LVN Programs

We recommend you ask for as much information as possible:
-Are there any prerequisites to enter the LVN program?
-Do I need a CNA certificate?
-Are there any waiting lists?
-What is included in the program fees?

Important Questions About LVN Program

Important Questions About LVN Program

-Should I do any study preparations before I start the program?
-How many entrance exams?
-Are there any entrance exam fees?
-How long is your program?
-When do classes start?
-Where are your clinical sites?
-How many students are in each clinical group when we go to clinical sites?
-Do you offer full-time and part-time classes?
-What is the schedule?
-Ask about the school’s NCLEX pass rate
-What experience do the instructors have?
-What percentage of students make it all the way through the program?
-What percentage of graduates have jobs lined up by the time they graduate?
-What is the average starting wage of the school’s graduates?
-Ask if the school offers financial assistance, and what you need to do to qualify
-Student-teacher ratio
-Do they offer on-line classes?

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