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Allied Health Professionals

Allied Health professionals work to deliver high-quality patient care services for the identification, prevention and treatment of diseases, disabilities and disorders. There are hundreds of allied health professions and over ten million people in allied health jobs!

Allied Health Professionals

Allied Health Professionals

Allied Health professionals comprise the majority of the health care workforce, and include many occupations. Some of the most common allied health professions are physical and occupational therapists, clinical laboratory technicians, radiology technicians, health information technicians, respiratory therapists, optometrists, and registered dietitians.

Career Opportunities for Allied Health: Clinical Practice, Research, Management, Consultation, Education, and Physical Therapy. Allied Health professionals work in hospitals, health departments, commercial health insurance agencies, nursing and personal care homes, physicians’ offices, retirement villages, rehabilitation centers, educational institutions, private clinical laboratories, medical schools, and pharmaceutical companies.

Allied Health professionals typically attend a minimum of 2 to 4 year educational programs either at community colleges or universities. Most allied health professions also have a certification process, typically at a national level. In addition, many allied health professions are subject to varying licensure requirements depending on the state in which they practice.

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