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Master’s Degree in Health Administration (MHA)

Many Health Administration courses are similar to those offered in MBA programs, but they all focus on the unique needs of health care organizations.

Health Administration MHA


It_is_better if inexperienced MHA students focus on a specialty area such as  Licensed nursing home administrators (NHA)-they are needed throughout the country. All health care organizations must be computerized, so a focus in IT is great.

Health care finance is another high demand area; and in large hospitals or in the public sector, health policy is very important, so if that’s where your interest lays, a specialization in public policy could prove useful. MHA students complete residencies which focus on their area of specialization. The residency, combined with a specialization, opens many doors that would be otherwise closed

They work in hospitals, laboratory research centers, medical clinics, medical policy organizations, and health insurance organizations. With a master’s degree in health administration, you can also serve on director’s boards, allowing you to participate in making every major decision at the healthcare facility where you work.

A health administrator with an MHA can make almost double the salary of a health administrator with a bachelor’s degree, depending upon the size and location of the facility. Many health administration positions have earning potentials of over $100,000 annually.

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