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Healthcare Business Consultants

Healthcare Business Consultants work is crucial to the running of a healthcare business. They help healthcare organizations and hospitals manage their healthcare systems more efficiently and effectively.

Healthcare Business Consultants

Healthcare Business Consultants

Healthcare Consultants meet with hospital officials, doctors and patients to provide financial and administrative consulting; they normally work on a contract, or as part of a consulting firm.

Healthcare Consultants Education: They must first acquire a master’s degree in either business administration or healthcare administration. Additionally, nurses, therapists, and doctors can transition from direct patient care into careers as healthcare consultants.

Duties of Healthcare Consultants: meet with clients to evaluate financial standing, evaluate changes in the market place, develop realistic business and marketing plans and payment strategies, identify opportunities for cost reduction, set achievable goals and a practical action plan, form strategies for growth and even draft contracts.

Healthcare Consulting Median Salary by Hospital Setting:

General Hospital: $73,000
Physician’s Office / Private Practice: $120,000
Extended Care / Nursing Home: $70,720
Travelling or Agency: $45,000
Community / Home Health: $50,500
Health Insurance Company: $60,000
Ambulatory Care / Surgery Center: $44,000

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