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Healthcare:well-paying career field

Healthcare is one of the largest and fastest growing industries, and there are a lot of opportunities for  people to enter this well-paying, fast-paced career field. Within the healthcare field, there is a huge range of career options for all kinds of people, with all kinds of skills and interests.

Healthcare Careers

Healthcare Careers

Interested in hands on patient care? Consider a job as a nursing assistant or a physical therapist. Prefer behind-the-scenes, administrative work? Look into coding and billing or health information. Like to teach? Think about becoming a health educator. Enjoy running tests and handling high-tech equipment? Check out medical lab or radiographic technology. Want to help people find solutions to their problems? Maybe social work is the career for you.

These diverse jobs are found in many different settings. In addition to hospitals and doctors’ offices, health care workers are found in schools, rural community clinics, government agencies, pharmacies, child protection agencies and nonprofit social service agencies. Others work in nursing homes, patients’ homes, drug and alcohol treatment centers, prisons, insurance companies, long-term care facilities, behavioral health facilities.

You can get into a health care career without investing years and years in training and education.  While there are plenty of jobs, such as physician or dentist, that require eight years or more of schooling, there are many other jobs that take considerably less time. For example, you can become a physician assistant in four to six years, a medical laboratory technician in two years, and a pharmacy technician in as little as one year!

So as you’re planning your future, and maybe considering a job in health care, remember there are opportunities for doctors, nurses – and a whole lot more.

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