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Intake Nurses-Admission Nurses

Intake nurses evaluate incoming patients. The Admission/Intake Nurse completes intake process including physical assessment, medication reconciliation, initiating plan of care and patient education.

Intake Nurses

Intake Nurses

Intake nurses duties:

-determine the severity of patients’ illnesses and the intensity of services they will require while in the hospital
-collect medical-history information
-give the patient information about what to expect during her or his stay
-schedules patients for consultation or treatment when appropriate referral documentation is obtained
-completes all electronic clinical and non clinical forms prior to hand-off clinical nurses

Oncology Nurse Intake Nursing Coordinator gathers all supporting clinical data (labs, diagnostic imaging, previous cancer treatment, etc.) to enable the radiation oncologists to make an initial determination regarding the use of proton therapy for the patients

Home Health Nurse Intake Coordinator assists the patients to make a smooth transfer onto home health services by coordinating care with facilities, hospitals, physician offices, medical equipment providers, infusion companies and internal staff.

Mental Health Services Intake Coordinator responsible for Interviewing and determining the service needs of potential consumers based on the comprehensive clinical assessment.

Many hospitals require intake nurses to have either a bachelor’s degree in nursing or a minimum of two years’ experience as a bedside RN.

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