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Lab Sciences Jobs

The duties of technologists and technicians are generally similar except for the fact that a technologist has to develop procedures and can have management responsibilities. Technicians usually work under the supervision of a lab manager or technologist.

Lab Sciences Jobs

Lab Sciences Jobs

Apheresis Technicians: specialize in separating blood components from whole blood such as platelets, red blood cells, and plasma. Once component is removed, blood components are returned to the patient.

Phlebotomy Technicians: draw blood from donors or patients,  question patients about donor eligibility, analyze blood samples for abnormalities.

Medical Laboratory Technicians: perform routine laboratory procedures and tests, use microscopes, computers, and specialized instruments and equipment, evaluate test results, prepare specimens and operate analyzers.

Histology Technician: prepare microscope slides of bodily tissue for analysis by a pathologist, research, or teaching, slice tissue and apply appropriate dyes.

Blood Banking Technologists: collect and prepare blood and it’s components for transfusions, determine blood type.

Cytotechnologists: prepare and examine samples of cells under a  icroscope to determine abnormalities in structure or function of cells.

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