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Laboratory Personnel

Lab Sciences Jobs
Clinical Chemistry Technologists
Immunology Technologists
3 levels of laboratory personnel: Medical laboratory technician (MLT), medical laboratory technologist (MT) and clinical laboratory Specialist.

Laboratory Personnel

Laboratory Personnel

Less qualified people are doing less-technical testing, and more experienced people are taking on supervisory roles. Medical laboratory technicians are often required to work under the direct supervision of technologists or specialists in a hospital or independent laboratory. They are performing more routine testing.  Medical laboratory technologists are capable of supervising and directing the technical components.  They are  involved in supervision and management. Generally clinical laboratory specialists have more education and greater depth of experience than technologists do, although job descriptions and responsibilities can overlap.

Medical laboratory technician (MLT): Has a working comprehension of the technical and procedural aspects of laboratory tests, recognizing appropriate test selection and abnormal test results.
Medical laboratory technologist (MT): Correlates abnormal laboratory data with pathologic states, determines the validity of test results and the need for additional tests.
Clinical laboratory specialist: Has knowledge of advanced scientific principles as well as the technical, procedural, and research aspects of laboratory testing in the specialty area.

Nuclear Medicine Technologist
Microbiology Technologists
Phlebotomy Technician

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