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LVN Programs in Oakland, CA

1. Merritt College Vocational Nursing Program: 12500 Campus Drive Building D, Room 102 Oakland, CA 94619 PH: 510- 436-2506. Merritt College Vocational Nursing Program offers both a Certificate of Completion and an Associate in Science Degree in Vocational Nursing.

Merritt College Oakland CA

Merritt College Oakland CA

Once accepted into the program, a student must maintain a 75% or better in all classes taken in the Vocational Nursing Program. Upon completion of the program students are eligible to take the California State Licensing Examination for Vocational Nursing.

2. Institute of Medical Education,  Oakland Campus
7901 Oakport St. Oakland CA 94621 Ph: (510) 351 5115
Licensed Vocational Nursing program provide quality education and training in the areas of nursing at affordable cost.

3. ATC College: 2700 International Blvd. #33 Oakland, CA 94601, PH: 510-434-0531

Advice to Future Nursing Students: …..”Study, don’t miss any classes, establish a personal relationship with your instructors from the very beginning, and be confident! That should get you through. This program is time consuming but definitely manageable”

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