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Medical Secretaries-Medical Administrative Assistants

Medical Secretaries support physicians and nurses in delivering patient care. The growth and the complexity of the US health care system have resulted in an increase in the need for Medical Secretaries (Medical Office Assistants)

Medical Secretaries

Medical Secretaries

Medical Secretaries Duties: greet patients, scheduling appointments, answer phone calls,  type medical histories, bill patients, prepare medical insurance and government forms, maintenance of equipment and supplies, arrange hospital admissions.

Medical Secretaries work in doctor’s offices, public, industrial, and private clinics,  hospitals, nursing homes, laboratories, government agencies, insurance companies, and medical offices of large businesses.

Medical Secretaries Training: There are manycommunity colleges and vocational schools that offer medical secretarial training, including medical stenography, computers, typing, accounting, filing, first aid, medical terminology, and medical office procedures.

Medical Secretaries Salaries: nationally, the median wage for medical secretaries is $11.86 per hour. Wages vary widely depending on the medical secretary’s skill, experience, and level of education. Beginners who have completed a training program usually earn the higher wage.

Computers, e-mail, fax machines, and scanners allow secretaries to accomplish more work in the same amount of time. However, many duties of medical secretaries cannot be automated. Skilled medical secretaries will continue to play key roles in all types of medical offices.

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