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Peer Mentoring Program for Nursing Students

A peer mentoring program, where second- and third-year nursing students act as mentors to support first-year students who experience much stress and many challenges when entering nursing program.

Peer Mentoring Program

Peer Mentoring Program

Depending on students’ prior educational exposure, they may experience varying degrees of difficulty. So, an empathetic, experienced peer is helpful to first-year students who may be intimidated by the university or college.  Often, peer mentoring focuses more on emotional support and encouragement, rather than on peer teaching and learning.

In nursing clinical education advanced students have been intentionally paired with beginning students so that they can model professional behaviors, teach professional values and foster personal and professional growth.
Student peer mentors help first-year students practice hands-on skills such as assessing blood pressure.
-organize drop-in study sessions in which first year students are able to collaborate, study and clarify areas of confusion.
– speak to first-year students about real-life nursing situations they had encountered in their recently completed practicum.

Peer mentoring has also been intentionally implemented in nursing clinical education to develop mentoring skills in future nursing professionals.

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One Response to “Peer Mentoring Program for Nursing Students”

  1. Daniel Przybyla says:

    I need information on starting a peer mentoring program at my school. I go to UVU in Orem, Utah. Thank you

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