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Telephone Triage Nurse

Telephone triage nurses, telenurses or consulting nurses provide patient education and advice via the phone. It is a wonderful option for experienced nurses. Telephone triage nurses provide patient care that ensures the health, safety, and comfort of patients.

Telephone Triage Nurse

Telephone Triage Nurse

Triage nurses use computerized programs that lead them through a series of standardized protocols for a variety of health care problems that they might be asked to address over the phone. Triage nurses determine the severity of the caller’s complaint, decide what type of care is needed and may direct the caller to the appropriate emergency services if necessary.

Triage nurses duties:

-Receive, pre-triage, and prioritize calls, identify primary problem and high-risk situations, select appropriate protocol or nursing resource,provide clinical care advice and education, book appointments for the physicians, making follow-up calls to high-risk patients.

Telephone triage nurses are employed by physicians’ offices and hospitals, poison-control centers; abuse hotlines, suicide prevention lines, military facilities, home health agencies, college health units, emergency departments, urgent care centers.Telephone triage can be a 24/7 service, so many nurses work nights, holidays, and weekends.

Triage nurse education:

The telephone triage nurse should be a graduate of an approved nursing program and should hold RN licensure. The National Certification Corporation offers certification in Telephone Triage
There are certain eligibility requirements, such as 2000 hours of specialty experience, and recent employment in the specialty.

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  1. Brenda Fernandez says:

    I am a board certified family nurse practitioner since 1999, looking for work from home. This looks like a great opportunity. Very interested.

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