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Veterinary Nutrition Technicians

Veterinary Nutrition Technicians: an increasing number of veterinary technicians seeking this level of specialization.

Veterinary Nutrition Technicians

Veterinary Nutrition Technicians

Nutrition is vital to the health of all pets, so veterinary clinics offer a variety of nutrition related services that will help satisfy the clients increasing need for nutrition related information.

Veterinary Nutrition Technicians Duties:

-calculating caloric intake
– completing the diet plan
-placing a nasogastric tube
-feeding animals with gastrostomy tubes
-getting blood and urine samples
-pet feeding recommendations. Nutrition can affect all pets for their entire lives, for instance, obesity in pets is a very common problem today, affecting as many as 40% of dogs and cats. The best way to prevent pets from developing a weight problem is to educate the client about proper feeding techniques and how to evaluate their pet’s body condition before weight becomes a problem.

Veterinary technicians may become certified as a Veterinary Technician Specialist (VTS) in the field of nutrition.

After graduating from a recognized school of Veterinary Technology and becoming credentialed to practice as a Veterinary Technician, candidates must meet education and experience requirements, such as: three years of nutrition related experience and at least 40 hours of approved continuing education in the field of nutrition. They also have to demonstrate advanced competence in veterinary nutrition through either clinical or research experience.
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