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Nurse Paralegal vs Legal Nurse Consultant (LNC)

Nurse Paralegal and Legal Nurse Consultant careers are grounded in the discipline of nursing as it is the knowledge and experience of a practicing nurse that allows these highly skilled individuals to assist in a legal environment. While some of the roles of a nurse paralegal and a legal nurse consultant do in fact overlap, there are some important differences.

Nurse Paralegal vs Legal Nurse Consultant

Nurse Paralegal vs Legal Nurse Consultant

Preparing to be a legal nurse consultant or a nurse paralegal is a matter of individual choice.The ability to perform the legal medical work comes first from the solid medical foundation of nursing practice.

Legal nurse consultants usually assist in legal matters on an independent contractor basis, hired by contract on a limited basis for a specific task or a specific amount of time by a lawyer or legal entity. They perform valuable legal-medical services.

Nurse paralegals, however, have had significantly more legal training and are able to perform all of the tasks of an LNC as well as the tasks required of a paralegal. While trained nurse paralegals can function as or perform all of the tasks of an LNC, they are often found in full time positions in law firms, corporate legal departments, hospitals, government agencies and other legal entities

Listing of practice areas: Medical malpractice, Other personal injury (auto, slip & fall, work injury), Workers’ compensation, Risk management, Healthcare licensure investigation, Social security disability, Life Care planning, Case management, Corporate and Regulatory Compliance, Billing fraud.

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