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Patient Sitter | Patient Observer | Patient Safety Assistant

Patient Sitter provides constant observation of patients who are confused, at risk for causing injury to themselves or to other, or whose behavior is unpredictable or difficult to manage. Sitters are also used as a way to avoid restraints.

Patient Sitter

Patient Sitter

To_keep the patient safe, it is important that Patient sitters remain awake and alert. The patient must be observed at all times and never left alone. It is important to respect the patients by speaking to them in a calm and friendly tone.

Patient sitter provides direct patient observation upon assignment by a Registered nurse. Behaviors requiring assessment: restlessness, depression, fall risk, removal of medical device, harmful behavior toward self and others, suicide.

Patient Sitter Responsibilities:

-keep the patient safe by observing the patient at all times
-alerts nursing staff as patient need or requests arises
-protects the patient from injury by removing potentially harmful items or asking for assistance with this from the nursing staff
-notifies RN if tubes, IV, catheter, etc, become disconnected.

Patient sitter stays in the room with the patient, assists patient to restroom, and walks patient in corridor as needed. Patient sitter accompanies patients off the unit for all tests or procedures or accompanies patients to other areas of the hospital for diagnostic tests or upon transfer to other units.

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