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Careers in Kinesiology

Many Kinesiology students continue their education at professional schools, the most popular of which are medicine, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and chiropractic.

Career in Kinesiology

Career in Kinesiology

Some students pursue professions in the areas of teaching, naturopathy, dentistry, optometry, pedorthics, and athletic therapy.

The background in human structure and function provided through studying Kinesiology proves to be invaluable both in terms of testing interest and providing a strong base for further studies. With an education in kinesiology you can explore diverse career opportunities:

Biomedical related careers include working in research laboratories, medical equipment supply and consulting, pharmaceuticals, and orthotics and prosthetics. Typical employers include pharmaceutical and medical supply companies, sports medicine outlets and orthotics and prosthetic businesses.

-Rehabilitation employment area has grown in recent years for Kinesiologists.  Rehabilitative programs led by multi-disciplined teams often consist of a physiotherapist, kinesiologist, athletic therapist, an occupational therapist or physician. Kinesiologist work directly with patients primarily educating them regarding anatomy, physiology and body mechanics, as well as designing and monitoring their specific exercise therapy. Typical employers are Physiotherapy, Sports Medicine clinics, hospitals and private sector rehabilitation centers.

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